Asda Call Time

Asda Call Time is a pre paid international calling card focused at foreign-born nationals and lower income families who want to make calls abroad at cheap rates. The service is provided by US telecom retail giant BOSS Revolution who connect millions of people around the world each day.

The Fold was asked to look at the current proposition, which was losing traction to its many competitors. We began with an extensive audit of the current Asda Call Time brand along with sector competitor analysis.

Aside from the look and feel we focused our attention on the existing messaging, making a number of recommendations to distil and simplify proposition for customers who’s first language generally is not English.

Turning our attentions to the visual expression we produced multiple creative routes that more clearly communicated the service. The final outcome is a much cleaner and digestible proposition communicated through a simple visual language.

Rollout continues across a wide range of deliverables including in-store POS, uniforms, environmental advertising, the calling card and many more items.