Rebranding a telco giant
IDT Express

IDT Express are the wholesale division of global telco giant IDT. Offering businesses flexible voice termination services through their unique online portal, which gives users the ability to make real-time changes to make cost and make savings.

After extensive research it became apparent that the existing brand was too far removed from its parent which is highly respected within the industry as a well established global brand. It as concluded that the IDT Express brand needed to be more closely visually aligned to its parent, with the two often appearing together at events and online.

Visually the existing brand tried to say too many things, and as a result failed to do much other than confuse. The brand was effectively added to and amended incrementally over time leading to a patched up, confused brand identity.

Firstly we brought the brandmark into the same visual language as its parent. To increase distinction we developed a symbol that could be used as a shorthand for the brand. The three bars of the ‘E’ made from curved arrows that give the appearance of a globe.

A new strapline was introduced that clearly communicates the portal proposition that makes a clear market distinction between IDT Express and its competitors.

A major part of the project was developing a new visual expression to capture the spirit of the brand. A series of yellow fluid flowlines that interact with graphic elements and photography depict the flexibility of the service. We reinvented the colour palette and introduced a vibrant yellow for instant colour recognition which has subsequently been adopted by the parent brand. A new headline typeface Lexia was picked for greater clarity and standout adding personality to communications.

Finally we helped to evolve the tone of voice from one which was overly technical to one which is both smart and personal, setting IDT Express apart from other wholesale providers.

You can see the brand’s first airing ITW 2017 here.

Extensive visual identity guidelines to encapsulate the IDT Express proposition and ensure that the new brand is brought to life consistently across all channels.

A new visual expression to capture the spirit of the brand.

The IDT Express symbol used as a shorthand for the brand on elements such as signage and uniform.

The IDT Express brandmark before and after with single and stacked versions.