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Banking as a lifestyle

Customers are increasingly choosing brands, solutions, and services not just for their features but also for how well they fit into their values and lifestyles. From aesthetics to materials and capabilities, how do you create payment cards that fit into your customers’ lives?

Banking as a Lifestyle is a financial services concept aiming to provide customers with greater personalisation and flexibility, ultimately boosting retention, loyalty, and sentiment. To do this, banks and other financial institutions seek to offer products and services that “solve timely pain points or create delightful experiences.”1

For our long-standing client Giesecke+Devrient (G+D)’s various lifestyle-focused payment cards, we created a full suite of marketing material in addition to the design of the payment cards themselves. This content was perfectly crafted to educate the market on their benefits and demonstrate how effective Banking as a Lifestyle truly can be.

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of customers trust banks with their data and are willing to share personal information with them (Source: IBM Institute of Business)


of survey respondents stated that their bank understood them and their needs (Source: Deloitte)


of consumers want their bank to be more sustainable (Source: Fintech Times)

Convego® Ceramic

Convego® Ceramic is G+D’s premium solution for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs). The card is a statement of refined elegance and durability, composed of industrial ceramic. The Fold created a suite of collateral to market this card, including a datasheet, brochure, product page, social media copy, and the original look and feel.

Convego® Wood

The Fold delivered an end-to-end campaign for Convego® Wood—G+D’s payment card solution for HNWIs who want to reclaim their connection to nature. As part of this, we created a look and feel, social media copy, datasheet, brochure, and product page.

Convego® metal

With its sleek body and touch, Metal is a powerful ambassador for your brand—and the perfect solution for performance-driven individuals who value the marriage of style and functionality. From lifestyle-oriented motion to perfectly capture the needs and values of these demographics to compelling content, The Fold created a comprehensive suite of marketing assets and campaign materials to make the Metal card shine.


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