Making alternative conception a positive experience

Acorn is incubating an exciting new business concept—a digital platform that connects egg and sperm donors with people who want to start or grow their family.


The process of alternative conception can be an impersonal, frustrating, and emotionally taxing process for people. Acorn was created to tackle the pain points in this process with a modern, easy-to-use, empowering platform that connects donors to families who need donations and allows both parties to transact with confidentiality, but not necessarily anonymity. They needed a warm, human, and "trustable" brand identity that signifies Acorn's ability to empower anyone to start a family.

The Big Idea

From the small acorn grows the mighty oak. Together we can plant seeds for the future, for everyone.

An abstract with meaning

Inspired by the oak leaf but also incorporating a hidden side profile of different human faces. Giving this nod to peer-to-peer connection, the soft organic lines bring warmth—an ownable element for the brand to use expressively.


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