Rebranding a live production, video clipping, and editing platform

Grabyo is an industry leading cloud-based platform that puts powerful video production tools at your fingertips. Allowing users to create a live productions, events, highlight reels, and video clips from anywhere in the world. Grabyo has delivered over 1 million clips, 25,000 live broadcasts, and 19 billion views to date.


Grabyo are transforming the way content is produced, edited, and delivered. The platform reimagines the traditional TV studio offering scale, flexibility, features to meet the needs of digital, social, and broadcast teams. The challenge lay in creating a brand that reflected the digital transformation for its customers—and what set it apart from the competition.


Grabyo allows users to publish to five industry standard aspect ratios. Using the ratios, we created an iconic “G” brand symbol that is used as a viewfinder through which content appears. The symbol is paired with a flowing wordmark.

The aspect ratios were also used to create the “yo flow” brand expression. The flow encapsulates the speed, simplicity, and flexibility with which users can use the cloud-based production platform to create, edit, and publish content.

Both brand symbol and “yo flow” can take on 2D and 3D forms, applied in colour or used to hold static and moving content—bringing the Grabyo proposition to life with a dynamic and digital-first approach.

A number of technical graphic elements were developed to give the concept an additional level of context. These elements, used sparingly, add an additional layer to the brand—by interacting with the aspect ratio panels.


Grabyo launched the brand refresh at this year's IBC in Amsterdam.


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