Technology, Security

Securing identities worldwide

Veridos is a leading identity technology company that places customer-centricity at the heart of its operations. Their range of products covers the entire document lifecycle in both the physical and digital realms, from enrolment to personalisation, issuing, and management of identity documents.


The Fold was tasked with creating an impactful animation to showcase Veridos’ automated border control systems. The work positions the company at the forefront of innovation, showcasing hardware and software solutions.

Veridos’ new seamless border control technology underpins the future of secure travel, making it smoother, faster, and more convenient. We collaborated with Veridos to convey both the simplicity of the user experience and the sophistication of the underlying solution that delivers it, all in one short, punchy motion piece.


We created a narrative following the journey of a typical passenger. This ranged from preparation to departure, travel, and finally, arrival, showcasing the rich possibilities and intuitive, modern processes that Veridos' technology enables. The piece demonstrates how Veridos is an enabler of secure, seamless travel along every journey milestone.


We conducted an exercise to evaluate the existing Veridos brand. We then developed iconography, UI systems, and environmental graphics for the Veridos world that we created in which the motion pieces' story took place.


The client was extremely pleased with the approach we have taken. They have extended the look and feel to other assets within their communications, with the intention of broadening its use throughout 2024 and beyond.


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