Satellite Communications

Revolutionary branding for a revolutionary service

Inmarsat’s innovative IsatHub service, launched in 2014, allows 3G connectivity for your smartphone or tablet anywhere you have a line of sight to the sky. Powered by Inmarsat’s global mobile satellite network and accessed through a portable terminal the size and weight of a paperback book – IsatHub was about to seriously disrupt the mobile satellite communications market.

The Challenge

Inmarsat have enabled mobile satellite voice and data solutions for decades; working across many market sectors, but always marketed towards business and corporate customers. The challenge with IsatHub was to produce a living and breathing brand that appealed to not only Inmarsat’s existing markets, but also cross over into personal customers, letting IsatHub stand out and cut through in an extremely crowded consumer mobile market.

The big idea

We looked at lots of different telecoms brands, both business and personal, and they all seemed a bit divorced from their central selling point. We decided to embrace what makes IsatHub special – a satellite-powered data device that anyone can use – anywhere in the world. Integrating a starscape into every aspect of the brand just seemed to make sense.


The IsatHub service is made up of many moving parts; from the smartphone apps to access the service to digital advertising and branding and POS/product packaging. We developed a base look and feel – drawing on Inmarsat’s current blue/green colour palette as a starting point and creating a fresh, vibrant colour set and illustration style, backed up by a strong tone of voice and typography, as well as a vibrant photography style focussing on people using the service in the most extreme of backgrounds. We made sure that every touchpoint of the brand was faithful to the core concept; from advertising through to the control app, so both audiences and users had a seamless, user- friendly experience.


We embarked on an extensive 4 day photography shoot in South Africa. With setups in eight locations to capture multiple terrains and sectors.


“The Fold understood what we were trying to do with IsatHub from day one. They quickly developed a strong brand expression that will support the IsatHub service across multiple channels and market sectors for many years to come”
Anthony Wilkinson, Marketing Manager, Inmarsat Enterprise


After the launch, it turns out that Inmarsat’s sales partners, who were mostly used to selling to business customers, were struggling to understand how to position the service. We created a suite of sales tools and infographics to clearly set out what the IsatHub service was all about, and how it stacks up to the competition:

Having a unique and integrated brand for IsatHub allowed Inmarsat a strong launch programme, and IsatHub quickly became popular among outdoor & sailing enthusiasts, geophysics consultants in the oil and gas markets, mobile journalists and many other markets. The IsatHub is to date Inmarsat’s fastest launching product from concept to delivery.



Launched Globally and in 8 languages

99% +

Network coverage


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