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G+D is one of the world’s foremost PayTech solutions providers. Their digital and physical issuance and payment technologies work together to enable banks and fintechs to elevate every part of the payments journey—from issuance to renewal—creating an experience that is truly phygital.


A long-standing partner of G+D, The Fold were chosen to help bring their solution portfolio to life, and to build on the success of 2022’s campaign. 2022 focused on helping banks and fintechs get ready to adopt a phygital payment strategy. For 2023, we had to move the thinking forward, iterating on previous successes to create a fresh, compelling campaign.


Yin and Yang; opposite but interconnected forces. Whilst the shift to digital banking has undoubtedly accelerated in recent years, research tells us that customers still want a mix that includes physical banking products and services. The Fold developed an identifier formed from two equal halves: one solid and one opaque—representing both physical and digital parts of the same world. A phygital world.
After careful market research, we understood that phygital wasn’t on its way—it was already happening in their end customers’ lives. Any bank or fintech that hadn’t already embraced a phygital approach was at risk of falling behind. This led to our central campaign idea, Phygital Now: an exploration of how customers’ payment experiences had already moved to a seamless melding of the physical and digital—and all the ways G+D can help banks and fintechs adapt to this approach in payments.

The two hemispheres are used as platforms to show CGI “snapshots” of a phygital experience. Whether that’s a customer designing their payment card while sitting on a beach or scanning an augmented reality-equipped card carrier to access rich digital onboarding content—all from the comfort of their kitchen.


Microsite: the central repository for everything phygital that informs and delights equally. We designed and populated the standalone site with words, pictures, and dynamic animation.

Whitepapers: became one of the core building blocks of the campaign. Across several publications, we explained the topic in-depth, looking at trends and success strategies for a phygital future—outlining the products and services G+D offers.

Social: an extensive LinkedIn campaign with multiple strands, including awareness, case studies, and behavioural insight.

Report: a paper that drew on research from specialists GlobalData with interviews from C-level executives at 45 of the world’s most influential banks. The Fold summarised the research and designed the report itself.

Infographics: around trends and strategies, as well as the card issuance of tomorrow.

Payment Cards & Mobile: The Fold created two back-to-back campaigns for the whitepaper and a subsequent webinar. We managed design and content for digital and print advertising, magazine articles, and emailers and created multiple animations.



of the clients campaign objectives achieved


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