The birthday homecoming

The Fold have created Yale’s first ever UK television commercial. The advert introduces the Yale Conexis L1 smart door lock, the first UK lock that can be opened using a virtual key on your mobile. The campaign positions Yale front and centre of the smart home technology market.

We developed ‘The Birthday Homecoming’, a touching 30 second commercial showing the Conexis L1 enabling a very special family moment. Daughter Grace returns home early from travelling to surprise her dad on his birthday. As the ad builds towards its emotional conclusion she uses a virtual key on her mobile phone to silently let herself in and surprise her dad, just as he is about to blow the birthday candles out. A beautiful moment made possible by the Conexis L1’s smart technology.

The campaign is airing on over 30 channel across the UK this autumn as part of a wider, multi-channel campaign involving digital advertising, viral videos and more.