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Differentiation through design

Explore how we enabled G+D to demonstrate how their premium payment card—the metal card —perfectly aligned with their end users’ lifestyles, becoming a compelling proposition for banks and fintechs to attract high-status customers.

As a global leader in payment technologies, G+D creates unforgettable payment experiences across the physical and—supported by its digital powerhouse Netcetera—digital payment arenas. The company ships over 500 million payment cards annually and is trusted by eight out of ten top financial institutions worldwide.


Attracting high-value “VIP” banking customers is a perennial challenge for banks and financial institutions. As a leading provider of payment solutions, G+D needed to convince potential and existing clients that its metal payment card was up to the task.


Premium-as-a-lifestyle. Showing how the sleek sophistication and solid durable construction of the Metal cards both complement and elevate the target markets’ everyday lives.


We created four distinct personae, perfectly crafted to align with the four different varieties of metal card that G+D offers. Building on these personae, we created a series of motion pieces, shot in three locations in London, for ownable, durable, evergreen assets that showcase aspirational lifestyles.

We then created a suite of collateral to support this campaign, covering thought leadership around attracting VIP clients for banking and payment services, social media, sales enablement collateral and product-led CGI animation.


This work perfectly positioned G+D to have in-depth conversations with financial institutions worldwide about attracting VIP clients and has led to some significant ongoing opportunities.


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