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Demonstrating the boundless possibility of future-focused payments

Learn how we enabled G+D to dazzle fintechs with their payment technology possibilities, matching the energy of this vibrant, disruptive market sector. As a global leader in payment technologies, G+D creates unforgettable payment experiences across the physical and—supported by its digital powerhouse Netcetera—digital payment arenas. The company ships over 500 million payment cards annually and is trusted by eight out of ten top financial institutions worldwide.


The fintech market’s disruptive and game-changing approach to banking reinvigorated a sector that’s traditionally been perceived as staid and overly corporate. The challenge for this project was to help pivot G+D’s messaging, creative and marketing approaches to match the B2C-inspired energy of fintechs and create a vigorous, energetic and well-paced campaign to engage this key market sector.


Making money easy. A free, fluid, end-customer-centric set of personae-driven 2D motion pieces that show customers’ lives and how payment technology can make their experiences simple, fast, and convenient.

We began with a campaign toolkit, clearly laying out a robust messaging and target strategy centred around four end-user personae. This document became the blueprint for the clients’ internal activities and also informed the creation of characters acting as the “stars” of a series of 2D animations. These animations depicted the bright, vibrant lives of these personae and showed in clear, simple terms the power and potential of G+D’s payment solutions.


The client was extremely happy with this reframing of their services through a fintech “lens” and received positive feedback from a number of target fintechs.


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