The Fold delivers
ground-breaking ideas
for brands

The Fold delivers ground-breaking ideas for brands

We create new brands and reinvent existing ones to set you apart from the crowd. We do this by cutting through the noise with relevant, simple creative that leaves a lasting impression.

Jae Henderson
Founder director

Jae formed The Fold in 2009 and leads our design team. He is currently working on a number of projects with clients that include; Asda, Inmarsat and CHEP.

His experience ranges from small agencies through to large international consultancies working on anything from startup clients to global brands. Jae has also worked in Australia giving him additional international branding experience.

Branding and advertising have been the main two threads to Jae’s career starting at a small identity agency in London called Bull Rodger. From there he moved on to I-Am Associates, there the focus was more on retail which gave him a more rounded design industry background working on brands such as Abbey National and Costa.

Moving up in size again, Jae then moved to Start JudgeGill a global agency with huge projects involving brand development, brand creation, advertising, digital and retail. Here we worked on a whole range of high profile brands most notably the Virgin portfolio of brands.

Since returning from a year working Australia Jae was creative director of retail agency Camouflage before founding The Fold, to focus on branding and advertising.

Keith Osborne
Design director

As a design director Keith is primarily responsible for building brands, from initial concept creation to development and realisation. Keith is currently working with clients that include; Geniac, Inmarsat, and IDT Telecom.

Keith has over 12 years experience working in the design industry. He spent his early career within the corporate sector, developing his understanding of branding. And worked on communications and events projects that included sponsorship collateral for The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race for three consecutive years.

Keith was a founding partner at multi-disciplinary studio OsborneHeal. In a creative direction role his work included branding projects for new business start-ups, packaging, report and accounts and film. Keith has worked with International branding and design business Bisqit. Specialising in brand creation and experience. And as a designer at Bisqit his primary role was to create, evolve and implement brands. Clients included The Home of Innovation, Generator Hostel, Channel 4 and Liberty Living.

During his time in the industry Keith has consulted with several award winning agencies that include; Conran, The Brand Union, Heavenly, Merchant Cantos, Ogilvy and The One Off.

What we do
  • Strategy
  • We believe the end destination is vital, with a clear idea of where you need to end up you can move forward effectively knowing all creative work will support this. For this reason we offer complete strategy:
    • Competitive research
    • Audience analytics
    • Brand architecture and definition
    • Positioning insight
    • Naming
    • Strategic recommendations
  • Identity
  • With a strategy agreed, we can we can bring your story to life. Whether we create a brand or evolve an existing brand it’s all about creating personality and making you stand out:
    • Purpose and values
    • Brand identity creative
    • Logo development
    • Look and feel exploration
    • Image creation and art direction
    • Tone of voice
    • Guidelines and brand books
    • Employee engagement
    • Brand launch and roll-out
  • Experience
  • If you just want us to work on any or all elements of a campaign we have masses of experience and creativity in these areas to name a few:
    • Brand creation and development
    • Advertising and multi-channel campaigns
    • 3D spaces, trade shows and exhibitions
    • Launch events
    • Signage and wayfinding
    • Packaging
    • Websites, apps and digital touchpoints
    • Photography & video
    • Creative print items
How we do it
  • Analyse
  • Getting to know you – Our process starts with research. We get to know you, your industry and the wider context. This creates rationale informing which changes we recommend and why.
  • Define
  • Setting objectives – Once we feel we have enough of an understanding, we then set parameters, defining what we would like to achieve with yourselves strategically, commercially and creatively.
  • Develop
  • Generating ideas – With the aims defined, we start the business of creating or developing. Generating a spectrum of ideas to consider objectively evaluating varying market positioning.
  • Apply
  • Putting into practice – As a multi-channel agency we can realise anything required as part of a brand creation, development or experience.
Who we do it for
Who we do
it for
Boss Revolution
Burt’s Bees
Click Software
Ideal Standard
IDT Express
Isle of Man Government
Rosewood Hotels
Survitec Group
The Huffington Post
Trading Apps
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